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Chris Landry is a veteran NFL Scout that can bring you inside information the talking heads just don’t have.  Check out our UPDATED Quarterback Draft Board from after the combine.  If you are looking for this in-depth info leading up to the NFL Draft, then sign up and get your information from an NFL Scout the teams call on.


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I must admit that I have never been in favor of naming a draft or coaches meeting room the “War Room” as it certainly overstating something of much greater importance that what we do in the football business. Be that as it may, the “War Room” is the name commonly given to draft and recruiting meeting rooms in the NFL and College, coaches meeting room where strategy is formulated as well as negotiation room for players and coaches contracts.

Well that is exactly where’s War Room will be taking you. In here things will be discussed that won’t be addressed anywhere else held strictly to the exclusive members of this group. Sure we will discuss lots of interesting topics outside of this forum but this is where you will get the inside in-depth analysis of players and teams based on film grade analysis, inside coaching strategy maneuverings, as well as what is going on behind the scenes in the staff meeting and player locker rooms.

This will be podcast forum only for now until otherwise noted and what is said in the War Room should stay in the War Room. This forum is a resource for the serious football fan, media and anyone interested in gaining access to views from an experienced College Football & NFL Coach, Scout and Administrator.

We will take you INSIDE to hear how a coaching, scouting and front office staff evaluates and coaches it’s players. So, instead of getting just the usual football gossip, here you will get not only the inside information but how and why those decisions were made.

Just as I give reports to NFL teams and College programs on players, coaches, teams and schemes, I will be offering similar reports through my podcasts. You’ll be on the inside of the College and Pro game and all that touches it.

And, when it comes to the coaching search work that I do for College programs and NFL teams, you will have access to information that you won’t find anywhere else. Of course some of the information is sensitive and must be protected to some degree but the goal here is to give you the VERY INSIDE you have only hoped to acquire to this point without me jeopardizing the team’s or school’s position.

Whether your pleasure is the College game, the pro game, the draft, recruiting, coaching, scouting, or administration, you’ll have inside access like you’ve never had before.

Simply put, we will take you where others cannot—-inside the film room, coaching staff meetings, draft meetings, practice field, on the sideline, on the road scouting, etc. For example, when we evaluate a player, the Podcast will reflect the type of report that goes on inside a draft or coaching meeting, not some amateurish report by someone who has never worked inside the game at this level. With, you get someone both experienced and CURRENTLY working in the NFL and College Football business. This is something that sets up apart from the others.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the website will be it’s educational look at the game. The goal is to not only give you insights into the NFL and College game but to give you a better understanding of coaching, scouting, and administration so that you can better evaluate your favorite teams and the game itself as a whole. Whether you wish to get into coaching, scouting or administration or just want to see the game like one, we believe we can help you achieve your goals here.

You will also have access to ask questions that I will answer in this forum through a podcast, so we encourage you to participate by contacting us at .

So there you have it, let’s get started. Looking forward to seeing you INSIDE THE WAR ROOM.

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