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We take a look at each team’s roster as they head into their offseason programs and training camp giving you a film grade on each players performance as well as scouting notes. The grades are reflective of this past season’s performance only and not necessarily a projection for next season. The scouting notes are an indication of a players skill set on film in the NFL or as they entered the league from college. Often times a player flashes the ability to perform at a higher level than his grade. The Scouting Notes are what a guy can and/or cannot do. The GRADE is how they have produced on film. Where there are no scouting notes, it is an indication to a lack of exposure to him on him to fairly grade or note.

So, instead of hearing that a player played well or didn’t–get a TRUE grade from a veteran NFL Scout and find out how each player on the roster TRULY performed.

Here is what the grade numbers and color codes mean so you can use it as your guide. Players are given a grade. The numbers and letters directly behind the player’s name is the year and round in which the player was drafted or if signed as a free agent, it is indicated by CF for a college free agent or the previous teams’ name if signed as a pro free agent.

7.47.0 (BLUE) = BLUE players are the top line players in the league. BLUE Players make the plays that are the difference in close games. They have Superior talent and consistently make big plays.
7.4 (High level Blue)= One of the top handful of players in the league if not the best.
7.0 (Lower level Blue)= One of top players at his position in the league.

6.9 6.5 (RED) = RED players win for you. They have starter type production in the league. The Top line REDS are usually BLUE in either the running or passing game but fall short in the other. RED players are impact players and start on contending teams.
6.9 = One of the best players at his position in the league. You must game plan for their presence.
6.5 = High level player at his position in the league. They cause some match up problems.

6.46.0 (PURPLE) = PURPLE players are players that you can win with even if they are not players that can win for you. They are usually RED in some areas and can match up with some REDS but overall fall short of REDS. PURPLES are very good players. They are solid starters who will usually get the job done in at least some areas. The Pro Personnel scouting axiom is to not play anyone below a PURPLE.
6.4 = Upper tier in the solid starter category and are close to being a RED and may even be in some areas.
6.0 = Solid starter but not on the verge of being in the REDS and may even be close to trending to ORANGE. Could be a declining veteran or someone lacking in special physical or intangible traits.

5.9 – 5.5 (GREEN) = GREENS are young players with upside potential. While you may not be able to currently play them much, it is due to inexperience and not physical or intangible traits. You cannot to play too many GREENS unless you are in a rebuilding year or out of playoff contention.
5.9 = Players with lots of physical ability with inexperience the only thing holding them back to being in the RED area or above.
5.5 = Good young players with the physical ability with inexperience the only thing holding them back to being in the PURPLE area or above.

The above 3 rating areas are the minimum of what a club must have to win. Any Player below purple must be upgraded or the club does not match up at that position creating a mismatch advantage for their opponents.

5.4 – 5.0 (ORANGE) = An ORANGE player is one with backup ability and/or production only. They do not match up versus the REDS and are dominated by the BLUES. An ORANGE should make your squad only if they are a RED or BLUE special teamer. Otherwise, you must replace your ORANGES.
5.4 = A player with ORANGE production but may have PURPLE or above physical or intangible traits.
5.0 = A player who will never be more than a back up roster player and one that you must replace unless he is a RED or BLUE special teamer.

4.9 – 4.5 (YELLOW) = A YELLOW player is one who lacks the ability and skills to contribute even as a backup OR someone who has serious medical or character issues. In any of these cases, these players are not worth developing.
4.9 = A player who is not good enough at this point but may have some qualities to develop into a backup at some point. Usually someone with decent physical traits but trying to overcome medical or character flaws.
4.5 = A player that you think is not good enough and likely has serious playing, medical or character flaws and therefore not worth developing.

INJURED PLAYER (GRAY) = A injured player is designated by a GRAY coloring or circling as even though he currently is not producing, he must be kept alive based on previous ability and skill level and anticipated return of health.

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