was formed as a resource for the serious football fan, media and anyone interested in gaining access to views from an experienced College Football & NFL Coach, Scout and Administrator. It will consist mainly of audio Podcasts while mixing in written Posts analyzing everything from daily topical news to in depth scouting and coaching analysis on College & NFL Players, Coaches, Teams and Schemes.

The goal is to take the fan INSIDE to hear how a coaching, scouting and front office staff evaluates and coaches it’s players. So, instead of getting just the usual football gossip, here you will get not only the inside information but how those decisions were made.

The topics are simple—if it involves players, coaches, teams or schemes on the College and NFL level, it will be addressed in NFL, NFL Draft, College Football, College Recruiting, understanding Scouting, Coaching, Administration as well as the history of our great game will be the focus.

What makes LandryFootball different?

Simply put, we will take you where others cannot—-inside the film room, coaching staff meetings, draft meetings, practice field, on the sideline, on the road scouting, etc. For example, when we evaluate a player, the Podcast will reflect the type of report that goes on inside a draft or coaching meeting, not some amateurish report by someone who has never worked inside the game at this level. While everyone has a right to an opinion, an opinion is only as relevant as the credentials behind it. In essence, now you as a fan can have similar access to what NFL teams and College programs have. Some people are involved in the College game but not as much in the pro game or vice versa. Others have background in the game but no longer work in the game aside from their media commitments. With, you get someone both experienced and CURRENTLY working in the NFL and College Football business. This is something that sets up apart from the others.

In addition to detailed analysis, a historical perspective with stories and other tidbits will have it’s place on the website. To know where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been. Years of coaching, recruiting and scouting stories provide some unique content that we feel you will find entertaining.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the website will be its educational look at the game. The goal is to not only give you insights into the NFL and College game but to give you a better understanding of coaching, scouting, and administration so that you can better evaluate your favorite teams and the game itself as a whole. Whether you wish to get into coaching, scouting or administration or just want to see the game like one, we believe this website will help you achieve your goals. In coaching, we have a saying that you never stay the same. You either get better or get worse every day. Our goal will be increase your football knowledge every day,

We encourage you to participate by contacting us at for any thoughts, questions and ideas. We will do our best to incorporate as much as we can on the site. This site is for you and my mandate is to serve you as I do for College and NFL teams with Landry Football Operations.