Landry Football Operations is a Coaching and Scouting Consulting business, serving both NFL teams and College programs.

When Chris left the Tennessee Titans to return home to his native South Louisiana due to a family illness, he was asked to assist a few NFL teams with scouting film grade work.  He was also helpful to a number of College and NFL teams in their coaching searches.

It soon led to the development of a consulting business that helps NFL and College programs with scouting and coaching matters by giving them an outside view into their football operations.

Among the areas covered are college scouting, pro personnel evaluation, advance scouting, analysis of schematics, formation variations and technical trends, coaching staff analysis, scouting staff analysis, as well as other special coaching and scouting projects in and out of season.  Programs find that this outside support supplements and supports their inside evaluations and analysis as well as identify who is excelling at various aspects of the college and pro game, allowing them to further grow and strengthen their programs in the coaching and player evaluation areas.